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JUDCon2010:Berlin Recap

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Early October saw the JBoss community of come together in Germany for JUDCon Berlin at the beautiful RADIALSYSTEM V. The format was two days vs the one day in Boston and we're likely to continue this going forward. Tracks on SOA and Integration, Cloud and Large Scale Distributed Systems, Workflow and BPM, and JBossAS 6 and 7 each drew enthusiastic participation from the community. This environment allowed for deep dives by core developers and prominent community members into the lastest innovations and directions of the projects. The first night included a Hackfest to allow the attendees to dive into the code or brainstorm on future functionality with the various teams while enjoying liquid refreshments.

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JBoss Asylum: Podcast 14 - Pete Muir and Heiko Braun

Presentations and Audio files of Sessions

Download a pdf or listen to audio of presentations given at the event.

Day 1 Track 1
SOA and Integration Track

Migrating to JBoss from Oracle Tuxedo using the BlackTie project by Tom Jenkinson

RHQ and JBoss Operations Network (ON) by Heiko Rupp

RESTEasy by Bill Burke

Wise: Invoke Your Services Easily by Stefano Maestri

IronJacamar: Connecting your Enterprise Information Systems by Jesper Pedersen

Tattletale - Betraying your project's secrets by Jesper Pedersen

Building a Testable Architecture by Steve Ross-Talbot

Developing Plugins for RHQ and the AS Admin Console by Heiko Rupp

Day 1 Track 2
Cloud and Large Scale Distributed Systems Track

Infinispan Servers: Beyond peer-to-peer data grids by Galder Zamarreño

Keeping Infinispan In Shape: Highly-Precise, Scalable Data Eviction by Galder Zamarreño & Vladimir Blagojevic

Continuous Query in Infinispan by Mircea Markus

Transactions in Infinispan by Mircea Markus

Running a JBoss cluster in the cloud by Bela Ban

Seam in the Clouds by Pete Muir

Frictionless integration testing in the cloud by Aslak Knutsen & Adrian Cole

Day 2 Track 1
Workflow and BPM Track

jBPM5: Are your business processes ready for the future? by Kris Verlaenen & Koen Aers

Get your BPM ducks in a row - preparing for migration to jBPM5 by Eric D. Schabell

Applying JBoss Drools in Assistive Technology by Tihomir Surdilovic

Advanced JCR Persistence in the GateIn Portal Framework by Julien Viet

Using jBoss Drools to Implement Guided Process Flexibility -
Towards Efficiently Combining Workflow, Rule and Eventing Paradigms
by Markus Doehring

Executing BPMN 2.0 with jBPM 3 or (at your option) any later version by Falko Menge

Day 2 Track 2
JBossAS 6 and 7 Track

HornetQ & the Web by Jeff Mesnil

Seam2: Real integration testing with Arquillian by Michael Schuetz

Migrating from WebSphere to JBoss Application Server by Markus Dahm & Bastian Helfert

Performance Improvement of JBoss EAP 4.3 Platform and other JBoss Platforms by Ruchir Choudhry

Enjoy the benefits of the Java EE 6 component model using GWT as an alternative view layer technology by Heiko Braun

Practical Enterprise Java Performance Tuning by Matt Brasier

Introduction to JOPR by Heiko Rupp


Writing plugins for RHQ and the JBoss Admin console

Writing plugins for RHQ and the JBoss Admin console from Heiko W. Rupp on Vimeo.

Overview of RHQ 3

Overview of RHQ 3 from Heiko W. Rupp on Vimeo.

Tattletale presentation by Jesper Pedersen

Tattletale at JUDCon 2010 Berlin from Heiko W. Rupp on Vimeo.