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JBoss Developer Framework plugin

What is it?

This is a plugin for JBoss Forge to simplify the setup of a JBoss Stacks.

The stack is provided by Maven BOMs (Bill of Materials); read more about Maven BOMs. JBoss Developer Framework provides a BOM for every stack.

System requirements

All you need is to use this plugin is JBoss Forge 1.0.5 (or latter) and a working internet connection.

Installing the plugin

Assuming Forge is running, at the Forge prompt, type:

forge install-plugin jdf

Running the plugin

In Forge console type:

jdf use-stack --runtime

and press Tab. This will load the list of available runtimes from the JBoss Developer Framework Stacks repository (by default You can then select the stack to use.

Then you can also specify the bom version to use

jdf use-stack --runtime jboss-as711runtime --bom jboss-javaee-6_0-all-301

You can add multiples stacks to your project, simply run the jdf use-stack command again.

The list of available stacks is cached, and reloaded once a day. You can force a reload by running the refresh-stacks command:

jdf refresh-stacks

You can also view the available boms by running:

jdf show-boms

You can also view the available runtimes by running:

jdf show-runtimes

Custom Repository

If you want to change the default stack repository, then you will need to modify the Forge configuration.

  1. Edit ~/.forge/config.xml in your favorite editor
  2. Add the <stacksRepo> element, with the custom location, to the <jdf> element. For example:

  3. Run jdf refresh-stacks to force an update of the repository information

Proxy Configuration

If you access the Internet through a proxy, you must configure Forge.

Offline use

If you do not have a working internet connection, the plugin will use the cached list of available stacks.

You can force Forge to use the cached list of available stacks:

set OFFLINE true


You can turn on debugging messages:

set VERBOSE true

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